djay Pro Manual? Tutorials? Quick Start?

I downloaded the demo today. It is not intuitive for me since I am a total newbie at DJ software, so a manual is a must for someone like me.

Tutorials vs. Support is not comparable…

Be assured there is a manual for djay Pro on its way.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Paul,

please contact us via, this thread is about a djay Pro for the Mac user manual.

Lukas E.

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Hi guys,

I am very happy to tell you, our djay Pro manual is now online!
You can find it at our FAQ center via:

Also have you checked out the djay School, if not feel free:

Lukas E.

Thank you, glad you like it.

And if you have questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us right away.
Also if you are missing something, let us know :slight_smile:

Lukas E.

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Hey ChrisM,

there is no manual for djay Pro for the iPhone. We stopped supporting the 2 finger scratch with the djay Pro iOS versions.

Lukas E. 

I’ve used djay and djay pro for 90% of my gigs. I play different venues from jazzy brunches, drag shows, to big clubs. I’d be happy to help out if anyone has questions. Adam, I saw your other post. I’m in NYC

I have the pro version running on an Ipad version 3, but can’t seem to find where i can do the 4 tables

Honestly, this is not professional. I’m working with Traktor Pro and am happy about the very comprehensive manual. For me it’s not a matter of course to use Djay Pro as a self explaining piece of software. To work with a DJ software, a lot of background informations are needed which a novice doesn’t know. As a DJ with a bit of an idea about these kind of softwares, I have also a couple of questions which can be answered by a manual. I’m actually working with the demo version to test it, but will not purchase the full version without a bit more stuff to read about Djay Pro:

  • How can I put the video output on a 2nd screen (e.g. connecting a screen via HDMI). Does it only work when enlarging the preview screen? Can’t find options in the setup.
  • Also a menu to fit the output video signal to the screen would be cool.
  • The video doesn’t run fluently in full resolution mode. Even worse by using apple TV.
  • I want to use a playlist from itunes in another order as an automix. How can I change the order? The order shown in Djay Pro is different as it is in itunes.
  • Can there only be video modus when the screen button is on, or can I also send out video content when working with the vinyl-skin?
  • When pressing play and again play to stop the track, how can it be stopped directly without this vinyl brake effect?
  • Is there an option to add a small slide show of pictures to the output signal? That could be a benefit for e.g. wedding DJs.
  • What is the exact idea behind the QUEUE folder? It’s cool to prepare playlists or use it as a tag list, but tracks will disappear after being played. An option to leave them and have a play count (also with how often the track was played within the recent session).
  • More visual effects needed. Is there something to purchase extra?
  • Can the ipad app be synced with the Mac version? That would be cool to transfer CUE marks etc.
  • Is there an option to use the ipad app as a remote controller for the MAC version?
  • How can demo videos be created on your own and used for video background when only an audio file is playing?

This should be all :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your replies…

I’d read the Djay 2 manual to get a basic handle of things as its not that disimliar to the pro Version

Pretty sure you can buy it via the Djay app ,in the menu at the top of. The screen ,I downloaded it and read it via IBooks

That’s it

How do I turn the annoying sounds with the app, like when I pause a song it sounds as if I m scratching the CD, also with the transitions. Its annoying as fuck.

Is there any sign of a djay pro for iOS manual appearing? The software cries out for one. Please release one!

where can i find it?

shoot me an