djay Pro Manual? Tutorials? Quick Start?


I just got djay Pro. Command-? on my Mac opens the Help menu but gets me nowhere otherwise. Please let me know where I can find a manual, tutorials, and/or Quick Start tour type introduction.


Whoa, you really did it! Very handsome, easy-to-read manual, too.

Thanks a Bunch!

Congratulations! Good job!

To have no manual is lame at best. With todays available technology there is no reason not to have an integrated online manual that updates with each version. The engineers who make changes/improvements update their section of the manual at the same time.

I love this software but it’s time to step up your likability game folks. You want to expand you products installed base not deplete it.

So with my little rant over I now have to type in my question of the day.

To the left of the waveform on deck 1 or the right on deck 2 what are the adjustments you can make for their respective outputs? Also will these adjustments stay set for all music to follow?

and no I don’t want the reply of “just try it and find out”

Thank you.

Come on. No tutorial or manual. What the F?
I was considering moving from Traktor to djay, but need some instructions.
I’m a 70 year old dj, not a 20 something hot show computer whiz!

Does that mean I can get a real person to talk to 'cause I am not going to type every question I have and go back and forth between the program, my midi and typing you about all my questions. If so I will just go back to Traktor. NI support sucks but they do have a manual.

I would so love a manual. I feel like there is probably fun stuff I just haven’t noticed yet and a manual would be great. Please

You’re supposed to “tap” by continuing to click the “BPM tapping” button in time with the song.

Come on guys! What’s the problem to make a tutorial video which explains all the different functions?

This is not what I expect from modern software!

Hi, I suggest Algoriddim starts building an online manual using the Wiki format (or similar) inviting the community to guide and contribute also. A good manual would be quite a treasure. :slight_smile: Cheers

You mean the iBook by Phil Morse?…

Is the manual on its way?

I’m sorry, guys, but there’s no manual for djay Pro, yet. However, I recommend exploring djay Pro by yourself. Most of its features are self explaining. We also paid attention on keeping djay Pro clearly arranged, so that won’t get confused.

Give it a try! If there are any questions left, feel free to leave a post here, have a look at our FAQ’s ( or directly contact “”. We’ll assist you rapidly!

We’ll explain everything for you that you don’t get. Feel free to ask!

Is there an answer to this question? Because I also have some newbie questions which would probably be explained there, like:

* If I select ‘BPM tapping’, how do I actually tap?
* I would like to use one of the players for the actual output wich queue, the other player for pre listening. The problem is: If I switch on Automix, both players will be used…

I am a little fuzzy on the whole tap thing. There is not a touch screen in Djay Pro for MAC. if you click the pulldown it disappears. It would be next to impossible to keep selecting this menu option in time with the music. As far as the key sequence it indicates it is option-Command-9 (for deck 2) do I hold down option and command and then just tap out with the 9. I am not seeing how to use tap bpm.

If you look in Preferences you will see that you can set these values to your liking. I have them set to 0. this gives an instant stop and start. The community is pretty good about helping each other on this forum.

I clicked it and it brings up additional options. This is really more useful if you do not have a controller. I am a user just like you not an employee and am more than happy to help. But you could not click it and try it to see what it does. As far as a manual I can see both sides. On one hand as consumers we are spelled with this kind of thing. However you have to remember that DJ software is not going to have the mass appeal that Pokemon GO has so the margins are tighter. It is very reasonably priced. I suppose that could double the price of the software and do a manual. We are very close nit group and will help out. but I do understand your frustration.

Great news. You guys have taken a beating over this for a long time. I am sure the community, especially newer members will greatly appreciate this manual. It will certainly allow newbies to hit the ground running instead of being dogged by a steep learning curve.

Thank You!

I too am eager for an answer on this. I’ve just bought Pro and am a complete novice so need all the help I can get. I’ve only ever DJ’d using Numark CDJs and have got dozens of what are probably really simple questions! A manual would be a simple solution - is there such a thing?