DJay Pro Memory Leak?

This happened two events in a row. The first time it happened during open dancing, and the second time when I opened my Macbook to work on my next event. Nothing like this ever happened before the last DJay Pro AI update.

I’m running a Macbook Air M1 with 8GB Ram.

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That’s quite a lot indeed.

Thanks for sharing this @DJ_MaveWave. Please provide additional details about your setup so the engineering team can try to reproduce this on their end.

  1. macOS version
  2. djay Pro version
  3. Free drive space remaining on your Mac
  4. Are you using any DJ hardware with this setup?

MacOS Sonoma 14.0
DJay Pro 5.1.1
Free HD Space 176 GB
Controllers: Reloop Mixon 8, Denon Prime 4, or Numark DJ2Go Touch

Thanks for the quick follow up @DJ_MaveWave. Do you recall which hardware you were using when these 2 issues occurred? This will help the engineering team to try to replicate this.

Yes, the first time it happened the macbook was connected to the Reloop Mixon 8. Maybe about an hour into my open dancing set, the error popped up and the song that was playing sounded like a bit cruncher sound effect was put on it. I had to restart DJay Pro, but it worked fine the rest of the night.

The second time, nothing was connected. After my gig, I closed the macbook without closing DJay Pro. After I got home I opened my macbook to work on the next event. The error popped up immediately.

I was going back and forth from my local library, Apple Music, and Beatsource for both gigs.

Thanks for the additional info @DJ_MaveWave

@DJ_MaveWave, I’m happy to report that 5.1.2 has officially been released. Please update and let me know if this fixes your issue. Thanks.

Awesome!! I just updated and will test things out.


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I tested it at a 6 hour wedding event. DJay seems rock solid again. Thank you!

That’s great to hear! Thanks for the follow up @DJ_MaveWave

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