Djay Pro needs mapping for sorting library columns "artist" and "BPM"

Hello, Djay Pro seems to be a real competition for DJ’s market softwares but still need to be improve.
When djing it’s a real help sorting library columns directly from controller. Right now with Djay, always have to go on laptop to do it.
Almost all other dj software can do that : Serato, Rekordbox, Virtual dj, Traktor…

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Searching in our community, i see many posts where dj’s are asking for the same thing…possibility to sort library, columns, etc.
At list, is possible to map ‘‘filter library’’ ? Can map a specific filter ‘‘on’’ & ‘‘off’’ ?

Hi @Adi_Grecu,

Thanks for reaching out. My apologies for the delayed reply, but I wanted to follow up with you about your feedback. Could you please first tell me if you’re using djay Pro for Windows or are you using djay Pro AI for Mac? Thanks in advance!