Djay Pro Neural Mix Quality - Windows

  • Device model: Lenovo
  • Version of operating system: Win 11
  • Version of djay: Latest
  • Hardware/controllers used: The Next Beat by Tiesto

Stems through Windows are a bit blurry. Is there any update planned about it?
A suggestion also about the sampler. Adding effects to samples could be a nice feature.

Hi @JustineB, can you please clarify what you mean by the STEMS are blurry? Perhaps you can share a screenshot to illustrate more clearly what you’re talking about? Thanks!

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I believe Justine means that on Windows we only have the first generation stem separation, not Neural Mix 2.0 as Mac, iPhone etc.

As reviewers have often said, the Windows and Mac versions should have the same features, as is commonplace with other popular DJ software.


Thank you @PKtheDJ this is just what I mean. The stems sound is not really clear and a bit “underwater” through windows.

Blurry sounding in my mind.

Great, thanks for clarifying! I thought maybe you meant the onscreen rendering of the STEMS waveforms were blurry or something.

As far as an update to the Neural Mix quality on Windows, we don’t have any news to share at this time. However, the engineering team is always hard at work improving the software. I’ll report back here if there’s any news about improved Neural Mix for Windows though. Thanks!

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Can’t wait to hear Neural Mix 2.0 stems through Windows! Thank you so much

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You’re welcome @JustineB