djay Pro not loading songs from Tidal

When I try to load a song from Tidal, the program waits for 1 minute and then shows an error message:
Could not load track
The operation couldn’t be completed. (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error -1001.)
I checked the streaming quality settings for Tidal (normal, high). The problem is independent on whether I connect a controller or not and with Serato Tidal songs do load.
I tried uninstalling Tidal and Djay Pro, removing all cache and setting and doing a fresh installation.

MacBook Pro with Macos 13.3.1 (a)

With this problem the program is of no use, I’m afraid.

Hi @Ariskito83,

  1. Please log out of Tidal from within djay Pro on your Mac.
  2. Also log out of Tidal on all of your other devices (phones, tablets, etc.) including web browsers.
  3. Reboot your Mac, launch djay Pro and log back into Tidal.


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thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions and the Error persists.

You’re welcome @Ariskito83. Are you able to successfully log into the Tidal standalone app or web browser with the same credentials?

Yes, with the only credentials I have

I think I have something:

Today I tried with an ethernet cable and Tidal songs do LOAD!
But the network error persists on WiFi.

Thanks for the update @Ariskito83. In that case, I recommend you reduce the Tidal streaming quality within the djay settings until you have a better WiFi signal.

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As I said, I tried all qualities. The problem is not the WiFi quality, because when I try to load a track, network traffic drops to zero.

Hi @Ariskito83,

  1. On your Mac, please disconnect your ethernet cable, connect to your WiFi network, navigate to, record your internet speed, and share a screenshot here.
  2. Please repeat the above speed test and screenshot, but with your ethernet cable connected.


Wifi speed test

Ethernet speed test

I emphasize, that when I load a tidal track in djay Pro on Wifi, there is suspiciously no traffic.
In contrast to loading the track in the tidal app.

Thanks for the additional details @Ariskito83. I cannot think of anything else to suggest so I’ll have to forward this to the engineering team to see if they can reproduce your issue on their end. I’ll report back here when I have news.

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I made it work:
I turned off network web proxy and now Tidal songs load in djay.
It it interesting that the proxy caused problems only here and not in other places like the Tidal app or Serato.

That is very odd that it only affected Tidal within djay. Glad you got it sorted out though and thanks for letting me know.

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