Djay Pro Not Running on Windows 10

I ve purchased from microsoft store Djay Pro and installed yesterday. When im tring to run program, black screen with DJAY PRO appears and few seconds later it is closing itself.

I am having the same issue as @Murat1984: I started by installing the free trial version of djay Pro on my Windows 10 laptop, then I purchased version 1.0.27… from the Microsoft Store.

To my surprise, the purchased version started auto-closing after say 30 mins. At this point I spotted that the trial version was a standalone app to the purchased one, so I uninstalled the trial version. At first I thought this had fixed the problem but it is re-occurring: the application keeps auto-closing, mid-mix, and on increasingly frequent timings. There is no visual warning other than I lose access to load the playlist. Then shortly afterwards, it closes.

Please help, Algoriddim :frowning: