DJAY Pro not working???

I just got this error ““djay Pro” is damaged and can’t be opened.Delete “djay Pro” and download it again from the App Store.” If I have to lose all my cue points I have saved through the year I am DONE with this. I am a big fan of the software but I have years worth of cues loaded. Please don’t tell me I am losing them. What does this mean. Thank you.

Hi there,

Thank you very much for your request!
Unfortunately, there went something wrong in the Mac App Store, which causes your error message.
Please log out from the App Store, relogin and try to reboot your system. If the problem still persists after the reboot, please reinstall djay.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for understanding.

If you downloaded djay Pro from the App Store your cue points and settings are saved through iCloud.
I you downloaded the app from our network it is a bit more difficult.
In the second case please send a request to our support team and they will send you a detailed manual how to safe these settings!
Best regards,

I’m having the exact same problem. What I assume is happening is that DJay Pro now only works with OSX El Capitain and no longer supports OSX Yosemite. Which means you now have to upgrade to El Capitain and reinstall DJay Pro. Then you should be able to keep all your settings but who knows if your other apps support El Capitain yet. If they don’t then your in for bigger problems.

I tried that and it’s still showing the “DJay Pro is damaged” message. As previously asked. Is there anyway to keep your que’s and settings after reinstalling Djay Pro?