DJAY PRO NOT WORKING!!! I’ve removed and re-downloadednd get error " Could not load track. The operation couldn’t be completed. OSStatus error 2003334207" … I’m at a wedding now!!! HELP!!!

Did you gt it working? It looks like the OS could not find your song on the hard drive. Maybe it got moved after Day was loaded / started. If this were to happen to me I would reboot hen I would find mesons (without opening DJay make sure they are there. Then I would fire up DJay.

If you had song matching or something and they were in the cloud and you were somewhere where you had no internet that could also be a problem.

I would be interested in hearing how it turned out.

Hey Scott,

we are sorry to hear that you had to deal with this issue.
With the other device which received the same error, is the issue persisting?

Cheers,Lukas E.

I ended up rebooting the iPad to scratch and seems to have resolve the issue … although, the same thing happened to one of my other DJs this weekend too, strange … hope it doesn’t act up again

My other DJ was using the Windows version (his first mistake, lol) … although rebooting the program seemed to resolve it … he’ll be using it live for the first time tonight

Hi Lucas E,

I solved this problem using a  MacBook Pro not a  PC. Please use iTunes or what is now Apple Music to assist you. To solve the problem your computer must reread all media files in your library. Here we go:

  1. Open iTunes or Apple Music

  2. On your keyboard press Command + A to select all media files

  3. Activate your popup menu and select Get Info

  4. Go to the Options tab

  5. From the Options tab go to Volume Adjust

  6. From  Volume Adjust shift the control left or right and then return the control to its position of origin

  7. Press Ok. This will safely reread all media files in your iTunes / Apple Music library without making any changes. Note: There are other (easier) ways to reread your library

  8. Go to DJay Pro and press Shift + Command + R. This refreshes your  DJay Pro library
    You are now all set to go!

All the best,