Djay Pro on iPad - problem with analysing songs

Anyone having any problems analysing songs on the new Djay Pro for iPad? When analysing folders in Djay 2, it used to skip over the older tracks that had been previously analysed. Now, it just wants to reanalyse everything again - even when there are only one or two new tracks in a folder.

I’m using an iPad 3.

It crashes when analyzing any mixes over 1hr.

my 3000+ tracks on ipad4 took at least 24 hours.
I thought it would never end…

In Djay Pro for iPad v1.0.1 is still this bug present (iPad air 2).

Yes, I am having this problem as well.

I think we can expect it to be fixed in the next update (1.0.2), whenever that may be.

Agree, and this is bugging me quite a bit. I’m on an old iPad 2 plugged into the iDJ Pro, and the thing takes hours to analyze the whole playlist. PLEASE fix this quickly so that it only analyzes NEW songs!!!

Why hasn’t this bug been squashed yet??? It’s been a month and this should be simple.

They must have lost the source code, because the 1.0.2 is taking forEVER.

Yes I’m having the same problem on iPad Pro and iPad Air.

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thank you guys for your inputs.

@Dean @Mark
Thank you guys for this information, we were able to reproduce this issue at our office and i forwarded it to the development section. Really appreciate your help!

Lucas could you contact us via and tell us which device and iOS version you are using, that would be very helpful in order to solve your problem.

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