Djay pro on win10 and spotify problems...

Greetings, Dear Team!

Your Djay pro for windows 10 is superb. I would like to use it for live sessions. But i have a problem. When i try to stream with Spotify at 320kb when it loads the songs they sometimes don’t load normally. Instead i get a horrifying screeching sound. I tried working on 160kb/s for 2 hours it was fine then i got the same problem. And i noticed that it somehow drops the connection to Spotify and i need to restart your program to solve the problem.

Anyone else has this problem or any idea how to fix it?


Hey guys,

thank you for your feedback and being part of the beta testing crew.

Can you send us your thoughts via, like Patrick H. pointed out :)? That would be great.

Cheers,Lukas E.

I’ve done this already. Using the link above and also sending direct mail at them. For now i didn’t receive any feedback or answer…

Hope that they are working on this.


I’ve got the same problem. When I close the program and restart it it usually works. If you haven’t already, send them feedback here