Djay Pro or Djay 2?

Hello everyone.
As an old DJ who just wants to have som fun home, witch one of the two programs Should i choose?
I Will only use Spotify as my musik source

The biggest difference is 2 deck vs 4 deck. For your use, Djay 2 is enough i think.
But wait for the update on Djay 2, when you decide to buy that one.
The version that is out now has some bugs.

Yes, spotify works the same. You need premium!

Hello guys,
Sharing my gear, software and the little experience I have. Have been using Djay 2 on my iPad 3 with the DDJ-WEGO3 controller since February. Purchased Djay Pro for iPad on its release day. As the apps are relatively cheap I decided I could explore both of them. It is a lot of fun. Yes there are bugs in both apps, and I guess there always will be, and there will always be new updates taking care of some, and new ones will pop up as new iOS versions arrive.
It is cool to explore Djay Pro’s differences in user interface, the 4-decks as well as the video features.
Niklas, I wish you a lot of fun!

P.S. I can really recommend Phil Morse’s book about DJing with Djay 2 on one’s iPad.…

If you are first time user then djay2 will be great even with the bugs and im sure they will sort them out soon.

Thanks Ivan for the quick reply!
does Djay2 have the same Spotify intergration as pro?
What kind of trouble?
Your right about the 4deck, i dont need it?

Sorry for the unnecery question about the update problems, i can read

Yeah first time user, previous setup’s over the years:

Technics 1200

Denon CD

PC Virtual Dj with USB/turntable

Next Ipad air 2 with Djay2 i think, very cheap compared to the money you spent over the years