Djay Pro performance

Used Djay Pro for the first time last week at a party. While I kind of liked it, I still find many aspects of it annoying.

Firstly, when using wave forms, they still seem to stutter as the track is playing, its not a nice smooth action, this was a topic I raised when it was first launched, a lot of users complained about this.

Second, in djay 2, I liked the fact that the Art work appeared on one of the screens, along with the Tone Arm, while I am not to bothered about the Tone Arm, I really want the art work to appear, for me this still gives the feeling of using Vinyl. Maybe it can be done and I haven’t figured it out yet…if not, you have these to great big platters with a Red Maker spinning round, it looks rubbish,

Thirdly. In previous versions, using the Low and High Filter feature was a dream, you could press the HP feature, it would slide across as far as you wanted it to, you let go, and it would return to the centre, great, it doesn’t do this in the Pro version, or again maybe it does and i haven’t set it up correctly, please please include this feature.