Djay pro plus new MacBook equals disaster.

I’m using djay pro on the new MacBook Pro. Because of this, the controller I use keeps disconnecting. However, upon reconnecting, eq levels are set to minimum and this creates a massive problem when this happens on my weekly set. Could this be resolved by having the app register the positions of knobs rather than have me manually have to wiggle them around to reset them back to default? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Sean,

We are very sorry to hear that.

Could you please share an exemplary video of your issue with us?

That would help us a lot.

Thank you in advance.

Upload the video on youtube as “private” and share the link.
Although it’s better to send direct email to support containing the link to your video.

I’ve also uploaded the video to my google drive and then share it through email to support.

See email info on

This webpage does not allow me to attach videos, is there an email I could contact?