Djay Pro Pre-Cueing Audio Distortion

Hi. I’m using DjayPro on a new Mac laptop (2021). I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 mixer for audio out to some speakers, and Pioneer DDJ-400 as a mixer. I’ve found no issues with main output to Focusrite, but when pre-cueing audio out through the laptop headphone jack or the DDJ-400 phone jack the audio is distorted and unusable after a few minutes. The only way I can get it to stop is to reset the audio settings, which is obviously disruptive.

I’ve re-created this problem on multiple mac devices with the same set up. How do I stop this from happening?

I’ve had this happen to me. It can occur when using 2+ audio hardware devices.

One solution is to create an aggregate audio device in the Audio MIDI Setup app. This creates a single “virtual” audio interface with all the input/output channels from your different hardware devices. macOS prefers to only “see” 1x audio device, so an aggregate audio device can fix many niggling problems when using multiple audio devices.

In djay Pro, map the the main and headphone output to the audio channels on the aggregate device. FYI - the aggregate device re-numbers the input/output channels, so you’ll have to figure which channel is which.