Djay Pro randomly stutters and the music stops.

I have been a fan of original Djay for long time and it has been a very stable program on my old Macbook Pro (2011).

I now have a new Macbook (2015) and upgraded to Djay Pro (1.4.3). I’m having random trouble during playback. Djay Pro randomly stutters on occasion, the turntable platter visually spins backwards really fast and the music momentarily stops. This usually happens when I have a full dance floor of people. The problem does not happen when I’m in auto play and playing background music only when I’m mixing. One time, it happened when I stepped away from the computer and wasn’t touching anything. I’m not running any controller, just straight out of my computer - Mac (OS 10.10.5).

This has happened to me at the last 3 events and I thought it might be the operating system so I had them strip it clean and install a new OS and guess what?! The problem still exists. I need some help and I would like to continue to use the program that I have been using the last 5 years… but I am VERY uncomfortable performing with it. Thank you.

Check the health of your harddrive or if you are using an external storage device. I had that issue because I had music from an old SD card in my library. The SD card ended up dying during a set, but the fact that my SD card was going bad caused the issue even with playing songs on my internal hdd and Spotify. I have a 2011 MacBook air.

It’s very likely that you may have a bad mp3 file somewhere in your library.

Well when mine started acting crazy, I uninstalled it and then reinstalled it. Fixed everything. I had to redo song analyzation for the bpms, which took some time though. But the problems were all gone.

Thank you Matt, That is possible, but I have never had this problem before and I cannot duplicate the problem with the same track.

Thank you dotsync,

I am using an external drive. I will have to test that drive’s health to see.