Djay pro/ Reloop beatpad 2 crashes when using Shift+preview

Anyone else have this problem

Djay pro+Reloop beatpad 2+ Ipad Air 2: crashes when using Shift+preview, and sometimes the music is still playing,
Also when are they going to fix the Shift=Que Function?

I’m also experiencing the same issues as Mahesh. 23 days ago a still no fix. Any news Lucas E??

Totally agree. I’ve reported the problem on reloops support page. Hopefully get a response soon.

Way too late long for a response or actioning of the noted problems. A lot of disgruntled users out there. Sort it out Algoriddin!!! We expect better from a company marketing a high quality product. Considering a switch to DJ Player Pro.

Yep. Check out DJ Player Pro for the iPad. Looks pretty cool and does stems. MIDI mapping available for Beatpad 2 on their (excellent!!) support forum.

Something is happening now, theirs a delay when using the joy wheel

i take it that i’m in this ship alone lol

Thanks, also can you please fix the shit+Queue

It would be nice to get some sort of info, That problem started after the last update. Also I hope they working on the shift+queue as well.

Hope so, getting really pist off

Any news yet?

That’s a really long pipeline lol. This is ridiculous!!

Any advice on which other dj software will work with beatpad 2 + iPad Air 2

Cheers mate.

Hello!! Anyone home???

Hey there,

sorry it took us a while to reproduce the issue but you are right. After opening the Preview via the Beatpad 2 in the Spotify library and using the Browser cursor afterwards the app is crashing. 
We will fix the issue as fast past as possible.

Lukas E.

Hey guys,

we know you this feels frustrating, but be assured we are working on the fix and will provide it as fast as possible.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hey there, 

be assured that a fix is on its way.
We are doing our best in order to get the update up as fast as possible.

All we know is that a iOS update is in the pipeline

I know. Very disappointing. If I were a Mixon 4 user I’d be even more annoyed. Come on Algoriddam sort it out.