djay pro, Reloop Mixtour, iOS 11: safe to upgrade?

Hi folks,

concerning djay Pro and the Reloop Mixtour, is it safe to upgrade a recent iPad 2017 to iOS 11?


Had the same issue, deleted the app then redownloaded, works fine now.

Hmmm, I’m sure you signed out of Spotify from wiring Djay right?

You can if you search via SONGS. Just a quick solution for now till the fix it.

I would say hold off for a bit. I have IPad Pro 12.9” and I can’t search for anything on Spotify through the app.

Yes, that is what I had stated. It works fine for music I have loaded in my iPad but the search doesn’t work for Spotify. I might try logging out and into Spotify and see if that works. I had to do it for a version a few years ago with djay 2. I will let you know if it works, cheers.

Ok, so I did delete and reinstall djay Pro. The search function in Spotify does work now. It was a bit glitchy at first but after about a minute or so it worked just as it always did.

***Reinstall with caution***

I did this as I thought that having “Share Song Settings” turned on would store all of my song data mainly the analyzing data, but Spotify doesn’t as I have to now re-analyze all 9,000+ songs again which will take a few days just to get BPM and Key. This is a major disappointment.

It’s too late for me but maybe they will come out for a fix for this sooner rather than later. Uninstalling and Reinstalling the djay Pro isn’t a 100% solution but rather a workaround.

Same here. The search only works in the Spotify Charts tab.

I updated my ipad to ios11 solely because the latest djay pro release clearly stated „Updated for iOS 11“… pretty strange that it broke such a fundamental function. Well, at least the charts tab offers a workaround.

A re-login only enabled the search dialogue in „browse“ and „charts“.
Reinstalling the app finally helped.

I have the same problem. No search alowed. On spotify and on my internal music.
I have a pioneer wego 03 control and a traktor audio 02 inerfase and everything goes fine BUT the search function. (I’m running on an ipad air 2)

I made it! Logout the sing in again ad its works perfect!

It’s on the official website help center faqs

You do so by following these steps:
Open the iOS Settings app
Scroll down to the app section
Select djay 2 / djay Pro
Enable access to media library

If you upgrade version 1.0.10,you have to do same follows,
Then you’ll see the media library allowed search

Oh I found something bad…
If you do these follows will fixes media library,
But Spotify search become disabled,
So…waiting for next version

Delete app and reinstall still the same,
Media library search enable but Spotify search disabled still

OMG,I signed out and login again Spotify in Djay pro ,
The search function work!