Djay Pro - Serato Itch Competitor

I would pay good money for a version of DJay that had feature parity with Serato Itch.

Itch is sitting still and becoming increasingly outdated and they barely maintain their product, even for new hardware like the VCI-380.

Algoriddim have proven they can develop and maintain quality, modern and innovative software but appear to shy away from directly competing with the likes of Traktor or Itch.

I’d even buy into a Apple-esque walled garden ecosystem (controller hardware and software) if you could provide Itch-like 1:1 integration, syncing and waveforms along with the innovation and quality you currently strive for.

It doesn’t have to be as advanced/complicated as Traktor. As I can tell from your design approach, you know that simplicity can be the ultimate sophistication. Itch has barebones simplicity but never really built up from that foundation, most likely as it would step on Rane and Scratch Live’s toes.

All you need to do is look at the Serato forums for an idea of how many unsatisfied, potential customers there are waiting for something better…