djay Pro should remember the layout of the interface between launches.

It’s frustrating to have to reconfigure the interface to how I like it every single time I launch djay. For example I expand the effects panel, queue and grid every session.

Everything, remember everything. When I open djay I want it to be exactly how I left it! I don’t see a reason for this not to be the default behaviour. There could always be a setting to reset the interface on launch.

Agree… suggested that a while ago. No luck.

Remember the loop preferences, which should always be “4”, not 2. Also remember the effects grid to be opened.

Also “zoom” on each deck should be remembered as well.


djay Pro 1.1 now remembers your latest view setting, the queue panel as well as effect preferences.
What else would you want to be remembered? We’ll definitely think about the effects panel…

Ok, thanks for the feedback!

Super idea!