djay pro shutting down

hi there,

currently using djay pro version 1.0.27707.0 and it keeps on shutting down and closing its self. sometimes after 5 mins, sometimes after an hour, always different. its frustrating as you can imagine. how can i solve this issue?


Hi Steve. Welcome to the Community Forums.

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced this issue… I can definitely understand the frustration. Could you please tell us the following information:

  1. Please let us know what device you’re using and the specs of the device.
  2. Please explain step-by-step the actions you are performing in djay when the app crashes. For example, in which mode are you using djay (e.g., Automix, 2-deck, etc.)? What exactly leads up to the crash?
  3. Are you able to reproduce the crash every time you’re using djay Pro, or does it seem to happen at random?
  4. Do you have any controllers or other devices connected to your PC when this issue occurs?

Thanks in advance for the additional information, and hope to hear from you again.

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