Djay Pro skipping and crashing

Windows 11 laptop (latest updates)
Djay Pro 1.0.27714.0
Numark NS6 Controller

Allmost every night when I am DJing at a party (for several hours), at some time during the night Djay crashes. When I restart Djay after the crash, everything works well.

During the party, most of the time I use the Automix function. It works perfect for me (and the parties I am DJing). Sometimes a track starts playing and then “all of a sudden”, the track is skipped and the other deck starts playing. Last saturday this happened at least 7 times.

Are this known issues? Is there a solution for it?

I really like Djay, but if I can’t fix this I am in trouble.

I can’t answer your question but the fun part of djaying and being a djay is to actually play the tracks and not let Automix do the work…
Not being critical but I have never understood why people use the Automix function…

@Peter_Schijven sorry I also don’t have an answer to your issue, but have experienced this before. I think it could be related to certain streaming tracks not being able to load properly. If djay has trouble loading a track due to wifi issues or it being no longer available in your region, it will skip to the next one and for some reason it crashes sometimes when doing this. Another thing to watch out for is if your device goes to sleep from inactivity. I’ve had crashes before when using Automix, so I make sure to disable screen savers and sleep modes when using Automix.

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@maurizio_T I’ve been DJing for well over a decade with a large variety of gear and software from CDJs and standalones to a laptop and Traktor and sometimes even just djay on my iPhone with a splitter cable. 99% of the time I mix manually. However, I love the Automix feature for the following situations:

  1. If I’m playing a long gig where I’m doing the warmup as well, I will often prepare a warmup playlist and let Automix do the work for the first hour or so. Sure I could put on one of my prerecorded sets, but I like the freedom Automix gives me to jump in and take over mixing whenever I want. I’m still in control of the music, but I don’t need to be stuck behind the decks. Maybe it’s a slow start to the night so I let Automix run longer or maybe a big group shows up early and I want to jump in sooner. It’s easier to do this without interrupting the flow when using Automix.
  2. Also if I’m playing a private house party and want to take a break or socialize, I love that I can turn on Automix and walk away for a bit, then come back and turn it off and start mixing again.
  3. Finally I use Automix when I’m listening to new music at home, work or in my car that I might want to add to my sets. Rather than putting on a Tidal or Beatport playlist in their dedicated apps, I load the playlists into djay and turn on Automix. For me this is a way more enjoyable way to listen to and discover new tracks.

It’s part of my workflow now when preparing music. I take an extra few seconds to add start and end cues to my tracks so Automix knows where I want it to mix in and mix out. The results are not always spectacular and it’s no substitute for manual mixing, but it’s a great tool to have in the box.


I am (allmost) sure, it was not an WIFI issue.

Let me check out Screen saver and Power-settings. Thanks!

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I add start and end cues to my tracks as well.

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I am sure you have probably done this however, are you up-to-date with the latest version? are you using windows or Mac?

Windows 11 laptop (latest updates)
Djay Pro 1.0.27714.0

Interesting. It could be a windows issue and the app. All the older reviews and YouTube videos that I have previously watched have suggested that Djay is far better for Mac then windows. I am not sure if this has now changed perhaps, the Devs can comment here.

Automix is nice when you use beatport or other streaming solution, etc. If you save a list or new tracks, sort by bpm and synced , you can hear via headphones and right down when a track is interesting for you. For me is nice. I prefer to listen via automix that other platform for discovering new music :grinning:

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This is not a discussion whether I should use Automix. I experience some technical issues:

Crashing of Djay
Skipping of tracks

Hi @Peter_Schijven,

Thanks for reaching out about this in our Community and my apologies for the delayed reply to your post. I’m sorry to hear about the crashes you’ve experienced and can understand your frustration.

So that our development team can take a closer look into what might be causing this, we’ll need to collect some more in-depth information about the crash from your individual device. For this reason, could you please contact our Support Team directly via email? This will allow us to gather additional information and provide 1:1 support for you.

Thanks in advance, and we hope to hear from you soon so we can get you back to DJing.

I love the way you think. :slightly_smiling_face::grinning:
Is the same way I use automix. Discover new list an write down the new tracks from streaming sources.


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