Djay Pro/Spotify Cache

If I am playing from Spotify and the internet cuts out, you are still able to play music that has already been loaded and cached, correct?

Now, is the app able to play from songs that have been stored in Spotify’s cache? Or is the ‘download’ for songs that I want to play on Djay Pro completely seperate from the ‘downloads’ for Spotify?

Glad I checked. Won’t be buying Djay Pro until this is sorted. I’d love to be able to DJ with my Spotify library, but I can’t be counting on the Internet at the venues I play. I’d need to be able to DL my playlist before the event.

Perhaps you can negotiate a 3-5 hr type cache with Spotify so one setlist could be make offline available. Otherwise this feature can’t be counted on.

calling anything “pro” that doesn’t default to 320k, erm…

Is Amazon Unlimited an option for Algoriddim? They seem more into licensing multiple machines at one time to use their service under a single account, would seem that they may also be more inclined to allow said machines (and virtual environments like djay) to pay to keep files offline.

Or better yet, a backup laptop with all your music on it.

Internet music, such as Spotify, should not be relied upon in a professional dj environment, when your reputation is on the line.

If I would load every track from a certain playlist at home, where I have a stable and fast internet connection, into DJAY Pro once, would it help to load them much faster and without interruption later at a party, where the connection quality is low?

You are correct.

No high bitrates on the djay 2

Spotify in VDJ? Link and info please?

Please note that due to “sandboxing”, a security feature, apps have absolutely no access to each other’s workspace. This means that djay has no access to the songs you download in the Spotify app. These songs are only available for the Spotify app itself. djay currently has no way to support offline playlists but we are aware of this request and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

However, you can play a loaded track that is currently playing, even if your internet connection quits…

djay can only stream your Spotify library. Offline files can NOT be accessed by djay, as mentioned above.

Since this is a real hot button issue it would be nice if Algoriddim could give us an update on were they are at as far as current and past negotiations with Spotify. Simply just being aware of the problem does not necessarily indicate that anything is actually being worked. Likewise are there negotiations underway with another service like apple music or someone that will let us break the sandbox barrier. This is a real venue killer.

I am certainly not aware of that rule. The house is responsible for paying royalties. If you are the house you can register with BMI and ASCAP if that is the case. Djay produces a log of every song played that you can give to them. In the US I think anything over 60 seconds is subject to royalties. Most professionals I know take this seriously as we know what is is like when someone does not pay us for our work. I think artists would see more money the more their works are able to be used professionaly. Spotify gives me access to more artists and songs. A bit of Irony I have heard rumors that Spotify does not pay proper royalties. I have no idea if that is true. This seems like a silly show stopper. I would still like to hear what Algoriddim has to say.

I very much appreciate your insights. There is no reason to believe that you are not 100% correct. I too prefer Spotify. However I would dump them in a heart beat if DJay/Algoriddim were to partner with someone else that gave us what we needed. I wonder what it might take to get them to integrate PL with DJay. Maybe that is easier than trying to twist Spotify’s arm. I have a lot invested with DJay in both cues and such and just general flight time. It would be hard for me to give it up. I actually give Algoriddim high marks. This one issue is like a rock in my otherwise fantastic pair of Adidas shoes.

Thanks Deejay Dave - After going and reading the Spotify license and terms of use. I think it would make more sense for Algoriddim to look for another streaming entity to partner with that would allow more flexible use with the DJ. So even they allowed sand box use there would be significant limitations to when you could legally use their services given the restrictive nature of the agreement.

Agreed. Local is always best. Sometimes I may get an odd request from the venue or the customer. IF I do not have it I have to go out. I have an input on my mixer that I can go directly from my cell phone but it is not something I like to to do. Who knows if you are going to get a text or something n the middle. It is super rare that I would do this but it has happened in a pinch. You are safer to capture it play to and delete it. Think of it as still streaming but just with 5 min latency. :slight_smile:

Buuuh, please hurry adding this feature! When I bought the program for Mac I assumed that this was the reason why Spotify Premium was required. #disappointment.

To my surprise not even with Djay Pro for iPad can you do this???

Able to maybe. I think you are “able to” as well with Djay 2 (at least I thought) but you can NOT select it as the default as you can with Djay Pro for mac.

I just checked and I was happy to see they did in fact add this and it is now possible. Thanks for the heads up. Ver 1.0 didn’t have this.