Djay Pro - Spotify Could Not Load Track Information

So as I have before I Dj’d for a party of family and friends. I have a MacBook 2014 and was using DJ Pro/Spotify over Wi-Fi. The router and modem were about 5 feet away from my computer. Anyway, during the party I unfortunately had to restart Djay Pro when I had a full dance floor every time. I had the regular Spotify app loaded on my iPhone which I faded in, but obviously attention immediately turned toward me as soon as I faded in another track. So, what happened was I started getting those “Spotify could not load the track information” errors. I knew when it was about to happen because when I would drag and drop a song from a playlist, it would stop loading and some of the controls would stop responding to my controller. It would continue playing the current song, but there was no new song to mix in. I am sorry to report, but I will no longer be depending on Djay Pro. I’ve had errors during a party before, but this is not acceptable. I hear Serato is brining in Pulselocker. Algoriddim you need to communicate with us, and fix these issues!