DJay Pro - Suggestions

I love where this DJ software is going. It’s getting very close for me to switch from Serato DJ.
Here are my top suggestions for me to make the switch.

  1. Please add the high quality Neural 2.0 stems to the Windows Version. (A must for me)
  2. An option to be able to use the stems on the pads (Like serato has for reference) Most DJ controllers have the same pads. I’m aware I can map these myself but it would make it a lot easier
  3. Add options for recording - I noticed you can’t pick different file types in the windows version.
  4. I have noticed Jog pitch controls aren’t very smooth. (very touchy and laggy) when adjusting compared to other software I have used. Seems like sometimes a small touch forward or backwards doesn’t hardly move the pitch but then you move it a little more and its too much like it jumps a bit sometimes. I’m running a very fast windows gaming laptop
  5. Make wave form option or adjustment for them to be a little wider in width in the extended view. They aren’t bad but could be a little bigger or at least have the option to make them bigger. Especially to those that have smaller screens.
    That’s about all I’ve noticed so far in trialing this software…Everything else so far is great and I’m looking foward to the future of this software! Keep up the good work!
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Thanks for the suggestions @Phunkanotic. As a general rule, it’s better to great a single topic for each suggestion so that other users can up-vote your idea and so it’s easier for us to track user demand for each one. Also, I recommend you do a quick search first to see if any of your ideas have already been suggested. Thanks again!

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