DJay Pro Sync Problem

When in 4-deck mode and i shift to 2-deck mode, if I use the sync button deck-1 will sync to the hidden deck-3 from the 4 deck mode. In other words, if I had all decks loaded in the 4-deck mode then I switch to 2-deck mode, deck 1 tends to sync with deck 3 and not with deck-2, Don’t happen with deck 2 and 4.

Hi Edison,

The “master” deck to which another deck will be synced is detected dynamically depending on certain parameters, e.g. crossfader position, active/inactive and also line fader volume.

What is the current “status” of all four decks before you switch to 2-deck mode?

I see what you’re saying, will take some getting used to, but I’ll work with it. The help file need to be updated for pro.