Djay Pro / Traktor Kontrol S8

Hello Algoriddim SME,

Is there a MIDI mapping ready from Djay Pro to S8? Self mapping is possible but will require some time to accomplish.

I would like to use my S8 for song videos by connecting it to Djay Pro.
The other alternative is to buy new controller… which is less desired…


Hello Seffi,

I hope you’ve been doing great.

I am dying to get the mapping from Djay, too.
They told me they do not have it around two months ago.
I am not a mapping guy and experienced with it.
I am just wondering if you have already worked on it your self and create a mapping for S8 ? If yes, it would be great to get it from you. I am not sure about your reaction but I can pay you for it.


Sinan Koca
+90 532 265 1796 (Tel & Whatsapp)

Thanks a lot…I appreciat eit…
I have not tried yet and I am not sure I fully understood but it is ok I will try to handle it myself first.

Here is my quickly made mapping for Traktor Kontrol S8 (2 channel and later editable with djay Pro):

How to set up mapping? - please follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. First of all after connecting the Traktor Control S8 with your Mac, please press both “SHIFT + Back” buttons in order to set the controller to “Midi Mode” and press setup button left side of display:

  1. Download the mapping file from here

  2. Now close the controller

  3. Double-click the provided “Traktor Kontrol S8 djay Pro MidiMapping.djayMidiMapping” file and press “Install Mapping”

  4. Now after reconnecting the controller by selecting “Configure Traktor Kontrol S8…” the pop up window and the controller is mapped

Original cue buttons not working so I had to put cue buttons under to each decks hotcue #1.

I hope this help you get things working!

Hi Erick! Somehow I can’t edit early post but here is new link to download file:

not recognize the midi

This doesn’t work. Has somebody a solution to use Djay Pro with the Traktor S8?

This is a xml file? This is not possible: Double-click the provided “Traktor Kontrol S8 djay Pro MidiMapping.djayMidiMapping” file and press "Install Mapping… How much I do it?

Hi DJ aSa! I tried downloading the midi mapping from your link but I believe the link is no longer available. Could you please repost a new link.
I would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks man!

Hi Sinan! Where you ever able to map the S8 to DJ Pro or DJ Pro 2?

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Make sure your Traktor is in Midi Mode to be able to control the S8.

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Se qualcuno è interessato ho la mappatura x traktor s8 e djay pro 2 con efx, loop, sample, pitch tempo, jogwhell, ecc … info in pvt

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