DJAY Pro troubles with beatport

Macbook pro Big Sur.

DJ PRO AI - V 4.1.6


First track load successfuly
Second track did not load, just stuck on spin off…

Almost a year having problems with this software… hope you fixed soon or I will change my provider

2023-03-04 13:45:49.830 djay Pro AI[2061:44556] [Purchases] - WARN: :apple::bangbang: Fetching AdServices attribution token failed with error: Attribution services are only available on iOS and iPadOS.

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Hey @Alejandro_Parodi1 ,

Thank you for reporting this here in the Community and welcome!

Could you confirm what MacOS version you are currently on?

Also, just to confirm: could you double-check you are correctly subscribed as well as logged in to BeatPort?

We’ll be on the lookout for your reply so we can investigate. Thank you in advance for the requested information!