Djay Pro update version 1.4.1 crash incident

Just installed the latest Djay Pro update version 1.4.1. The update fixed the problem with the cursor jumping out of the search screen and I thank you for that. Just now I had the program playing in radio mode in the background while doing other work on the computer and suddenly the music went into digital stutter. I was able to get the program to segue but the platters wouldn’t turn and no sound. The strobe plate appeared to be turning, but not the “record label”.

Just realized that I was doing a name search in Facebook when the lockup occurred. I went back to Facebook to resume what I was doing and the stutter started immediately. Almost seems like Djay was somehow connected to the search bar in Facebook. Hmmm

Hey Stevie O.,

can you please give us further informations about your Mac and macOS version?

Lukas E.