DJay Pro updates just deleted half my cue points

Algoriddim. I am a working DJ. This is my job not my hobby, This is how i pay my bills and feed my kids.

Can someone please explain to me how you can release software update that deletes half of my cue points.

This is 1000’s of songs.

I am really beginning to loose confidence in a piece of software that drives my business.

Is that djay Pro 2 Mac or Pc?
Did you and still have djay Pro 1 Mac?

I had a similar problem.

Had to delete djay Pro 2 from the Apllication section in my Mac.


Copied the link below, and deleted that folder, emptied the trash. Then went to the App Store and re download.

Your Mac should ask you if want to transfer your data.

If this window doesn’t pop up, you haven’t deleted those files properly.

After your Mac imports that data, all your Cue Points should’ve be there.

NOTE: Always copy any folder to an external drive before deleting.…

Djay Pro 2 for Mac and Ipad.

Latest versions all software and IOS

Yes i stil have DJay pro 1 on my mac