djay pro ver.1.4.3 sound disappeared

Sound disappeared, happened last night at a gig. Was playing fine then the sound just dropped out in a middle of a song. The devices settings were untouched. Change to different play list with no avail. No matter what i did, it just wouldn’t budge. So frustrating!! Decided to investigate further today - loaded a fresh batch of the same playlist, still the same problem no sound so i just let it run for the next couple of songs then the sound came on without any intervention or alteration to settings etc but it was just a short relief, the sound disappeared again after the next two songs and so on. BTW, all songs belongs to the same location in iTunes database locally. Installed this app on 25th May 2017 version 1.4.3.

Hey Joseph,

very sorry to hear that.

If you are able to reproduce the issue can you send me an exemplary video going through the issue via mail ( or via

Cheers,Lukas E.