Djay PRO Version

you could offer a Pro Version of Djay as in-App purchase, customised to the needs of Professional DJs! I would definiteley Pay Money to get the Features that I’m missing right now!

Features like:
BPM Analyzer for all Songs
Covers for Song Titles
Library Sorting Options (like “120-130 bpm”)
more Possibilities for the FX
Rating System for Songs (Stars, Points)
displaying which Songs have already been played…

i would Love to hear from you!

I’d love a pro version with things like more cue points, beatgridding etc.
But I’m also confused by you post as some of the features you ask for already exist.
It does analys the BPM of songs, and you can batch analys any crate in your library at any time.
It does highlight songs you’ve already played as well.
I use djay at my regular gig, and use these features all the time.

Thanks for the tipoff Lucas. Sorry didn’t realise that. All part of the problem with the way Get Satisfaction works/doesn’t work as a forum. I didn’t see anything on my screen which told me this was an iPad related thread.

Add iCloud to save and share our BPM to all devices. Especially when upgrading iPads, I wont need to analyze 6000 songs every time!

Bunyip, this forum topic is for IPads Djay does not have any feature to display previously played songs (highlighting).

No, the IDJ PRO IPAD system do not have the highlighted song feature! But I’m wishing for that feature really bad! I hope you are listening Algoriddim! Please consider adding that feature for us! We need it! I hope it’s can be a added feature for the Djay app, because if it’s a add feature that has to go through ITunes you will never see it sad to say!

i know there are workarounds… i used traktor to analyze and synced it with itunes - and here we go - but every dj software should be capable of analyzing the bpm on it ́s own…