Djay pro video quality

I use Djay Pro on a Macbook Pro 2016, (i5 5th gen. Intel Iris 6100 512MB, 4GB RAM), the Hello:
The quality of the video output is not the best and also the video output is not as smooth as it should be. Loooks like is loosing frames. ¿Are you working on that? ¿maybe a upgrade to fix this? Waiting a answer. Thanks in advance.

Hi Miguel Tapia,

thank you for your feedback. The output resolution of the video player is definitely on our agenda and it is nice that you share your thoughts about it. We gather user feedback in order to priories the issues.

Lukas E.

No way to see this feature on a superpower mac book pro? It seem to be a software problem. This feature works bad on a mac book pro 2018 with a dedicated powerful graphic card.