Djay Pro Video Suggestions

Hello - I’m truly enjoying my experience with DJay Pro for Mac, and have a few suggestions when it comes to video…

I would love the option of specifying (or randomizing) the visualizer or video content when playing an audio only song. For example;

I’m currently working with an 80’s based playlist with mixed content. I’ve got a number of old commercials, old tv show intros, and music videos. Mixed in, I would like to throw other songs that have no associated video and activate Automix. However, those audio-only songs will only show the chosen visualizer by default. If more than three play in a row, it gets repetitive.

Yes, I could edit the audio and add some video to it… but it would be quicker and easier if DJay could do it for me. I could preset a certain clip (or video loop) or visualizer per song in advance (or random), and retain visual interest.

Thank you for your time…

Not a video editing software

Hi Steve Carl,

thank you for your post.

Have you tried loading the audio only tracks separately from the videos? You can drag and drop a video in the top corner of the video deck and an audio only track at the waveform for audio only.

Lukas E.