Djay pro - where are the vinyl desks?

Using djay pro with numark idj pro: where can i find the vinyl desk option (instead of waveforms, which i personally don’t like) ?

Freshmelk, what type of iPad are you using? Any issues using djay pro with idj pro? Are you able to control all four decks with the idj pro? Thanks.

How do you control 4 decks? Thanks!

I’m using an iPad 2 64GB. Everything is working fine besides the classic turntable layout… But i can still use djay2 for the “old” layout

It looks like they disabled it. Maybe in a future version they will enable it again…


I found more info and evaluation on digital DJ Tips…

Hi guys,

thanks for your feedback. djay Pro on iPad has a different UI paradigm than djay 2 which made the classic turntable layout not fit well. That being said, you’re always welcome provide feature requests through our forum.

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Lukas E.

why is there no djay