DJay Pro will not launch in Audiobus, Studiomux or AUM

DJay Pro will not Launch inside Audiobus (Djay 2 still launches) but not DJay Pro will not launch in Audiobus, StudioMux or AUM.
Is anyone else experiencing this?
This includes iPhone and various iPads (I am not using Spotify when I attempt)

Glad to see Fred say Sabastian has chased this up and it will be fixed in next update but as of AB 3.04 and DJ Pro 1.03 this is still not working. Can anybody shed light on the problem and whether it will be (or has been) fixed?

Thanks you for your reply.

iOS 10.2 & iOS 10.2.1
iPad Pro , iPad Air, iPhone 6 Plus all with latest DJay Pro version

I am surprised so few people have commented on this.
It’s like no one uses the futionality of IAA.

Traktor never worked properly it always had sound artifacts and one channel. I never complained because o learned long ago NI complaints are a waste of time.

Algoriddim always responds promptly.

Hey guys,

we are sorry to hear that, please be assured that we are aware of the issue happening with iPad devices.
I will keep you posted and will do my best in order to push the fix.

Lukas E.

Thank you for the feedback.

Working on the fix :slight_smile:

Cheers,Lukas E.

Any news on this? I’ve never managed to get DJay Pro to work with Audiobus. Just updated Audiobus 2 but DJay Pro still asleep inside AB. iPad Air 2 on iOS 10.2

Also, does DJay Pro work with the new Audiobus 3?

Sorry, just downloaded Audiobus 3 and DJay Pro does NOT work on 10.2 - exactly the same problem!

Hope you’re still working on it…



Good news! Sebastian at Audiobus has chased this up with Algoriddim and the next update will fix this. No timescale but they’re on the ball, so here’s to glitch-free live audio manipulation

It *does* work but you have to open it from AB3 then go to the main DJay Pro app screen, then back to AB3 (no need to shut down DJay Pro) and it’s settled in. Not that this gives me peace of mind having to mix live music on the radio… the only reason I got iPad was its stability so fingers crossed for rock solid operation in the near future… and tempo sync! and mapping!

I have the same problem.It was fine before the last iOS update. Please fix this.

Thanks for reply
Dj Pro 1.0.6
IOS 10.2.1
Ipad Air

THANK you!:slight_smile:

Same problem here with Audiobus 3, Djay Pro.
Im on iPad Air 2 on iOS 10.3.1

Please fix that! Thx!