djay Pro / Windows 10 / Denon MC4000

Apologies to replicate previous posts, but has anyone had any real success using the above combination?

There’s a Denon MC4000 going for cheap, but I won’t bother purchasing if it’s not properly compatible with djay Pro on Windows 10.

I would grab the MC4000 and stick with Serato intro for now, it’s free and works perfectly. The controller is worth every penny and one of the best on the market in its class. It does not work natively with Algoriddim. I know because I have an MC4000 with Serato DJ Pro and Algoriddim DJ pro. Using Algoriddim DJ pro was a huge disappointment but it works flawlessly with all Serato products. I would use Serato intro just to have the controller and save up for the pro version of the software. You won’t regret it. I understand the frustration you may have with Algoriddim as a lot of users will. Algoriddim is great software and using Spotify is good fun and it’s a shame the MC4000 does not marry well. I wouldn’t bother with WeGo series from Pioneer and the other alternatives are not cheap although they are excellent choices from Reloop.