Djay pro windows 10 Jog wheel reverse lags and gets stuck

I have just bought djay pro for windows 10 and after using it well on mac I thought everything will be the same, turned out not to be. when I use my jog wheel to forward the track it works well but when I reverse it lags and then it gets stuck, making the experience pain on ears

The Windows version currently sucks really hard, they did the last update on July 2018. So except if Algoriddim are finally really taking things seriously, you can ask for a refund…

I prefer to pay twice to be at least sure that if there is a bug, it is betting fixed in the coming weeks and not in the coming years.

tight budget and remaining with a Mac is a bit contradictory :wink:

my worry is this when everything gets fixed price may go up accordingly, and since there is no other application that supports Spotify tracks. I will stick to my mac until a fix is released

if I had money to spare I support your notion but since I am living in a tight budget i can’t afford to buy it twice

Mac is my father’s “leftover” and it is an old mac air 2011, stockwise it could hardly run the app by itself so I applied liquid metal to cool it down, which increased its performance spectacularly but while my PC has a 5Channel 24bit 196kbps DAC with proprietary software, my mac air has 2Channel 16bit 196kbps DAC which really limits me in term of surround sounds, and since I could not find a way to register mac as a “sound input card” I cannot get channel specific input