djay pro Windows 10: Tracks not loading at all

Hi all,

I recently just bought djay pro for windows 10 as I wanted to start off simple into djing.

I logged into my spotify and loaded in a track and it just sits there for hours loading the track but to no avail. This is also the same for music from my hard drive.

I tried going into the settings and I found out that there are no audio outputs detected at all for some reason.

I’ve attempted numerous re-installs of this program and closed it and restarted it countless times, as well as restarting my computer.

Any help here would be really appreciated!

Hello mr D’Agostino It’s THE RIDDLER i been using djay pro for DJ ing. Live in clubs with no problems . I’m going to help you out with this issue you have high speed internet it’s a must to run Spotify premium your computer i3 or higher if it is then you must do a DISK CLEAN UP some times cluttered drives don’t have space to move 3. MIND YOU DJAY PRO is a large app not a program now here is whats going on if you have other apps on your DJ computer like Netflix,Hulu, or other games or even lots of pictures or videos this is important you must remove all thy above 4. Disabling all live apps that appear on your windows10 icon manager on left corner start engine 5.check your network connection on your computer make sure they are all updated go to your device manager on your computer settings trouble shoot your network settings 5.make sure you are running the latest cumulative windows 10 updates. do not uninstall Djay pro for any reason that’s not the issue 6. You must have a DJ CONTROLLER that’s compatible with windows 10 see djay pro accessories list of controllers 7. You must download the latest iTunes this will help your record library stay organized 8. Dell, acer. Laptops are not that good for music. hp, lonovo, Microsoft surface 2. i3 or i7 or higher are the best for windows 10 djay pro I use Mac and I use Windows 10 I have a windows 10 i3 8gigs rams 500gig hard drive lonovo laptop only for music nothing else and so is my Mac I don’t store pictures videos or email, you cannot have anything that takes up space if you’re laptop does not have enough Rams has to be 8 and better if this does not work for you feel free to ask me email me I will do my best to help you get up and running. Djay pro it’s a awesome app

You not a DJ plus djay pro is not a game it’s for serious djs don’t waste people’s time with your stupidity!

Hey Riddler, thanks for the reply back.

It’s definitely not my computer that’s causing any issues because this computer was made for gaming so it’s pretty powerful.

It should be noted that I’m not using a laptop, I’m on a desktop just to start because while it is enticing to try new things, I don’t believe it should be necessary to purchase a whole separate laptop just to start. I don’t currently own any controllers but to my understanding you really don’t need one just to mess around and get comfortable with the program and see if it’s then worth the investment.

I’ve used VirtualDJ and serato pro lite before with their demos and they work perfectly no issues at all. Those are just a bit out of my budget and I heard that djay pro is good just to be a local house party dj and just have fun with it, hence the reason I bought this not the others. I don’t intend to keep making new accounts to use the demos of those other programs as well haha.

It’s still quite the mystery as to why everything isn’t working because I do have spotify premium as well as a pretty fast internet connection. I hope we can find the problem.

I’m still not having any luck with this at all :confused:

I’ve tried just now after having my computer restart once again and it just sits there and loads.

Any help here would be absolutely amazing cause I’ve ran out of options


One, there’s no reason to act like a jerk. I have this computer made for gaming because it’s a side hobby of mine, my daily job is a music producer actually so I know all about music. Obviously I’m not a DJ yet nobody and I mean nobody gets into it acting very seriously unless you train with a company. If I were training with a company I wouldn’t have come here for help in the first place :slight_smile:

I never said it was a game either, just because I have this computer powerful enough to run games doesn’t mean I thought that this was a game once so ever, why’d you even assume that?

I wanted to use djay pro as a START, not go into full time because I’m not sure if it’s something I want to do forever, that’s why I didn’t buy serato pro and an actual controller.

I don’t need to bring up that other dj software works just as fine and very smooth on my computer do I?

If you’re not here to help me, I suggest you leave because you’re way too egotistical to even offer any bit of help towards myself and my problem. I’d rather get
professional help from one of the algoriddim staff members rather than you anyways
because they’ll be able to help me.