Djay Pro Windows Bounce + Jog bug

  • Device model PC Custom Build:
  • Version of operating system Windows 10 Home 64-Bit:
  • Version of djay 5.1.8144.0:
  • Hardware/controllers used Numark Mixtrack Pro II:

Summary of the issue: I noticed this during my last set and tried to replicate it today. A very specific sequence of bounce and jog wheel causes the bounce to bug out and turn into a loop that you have to manually disable.

How to reproduce the issue:

My recorded attempt to reproduce it (please skip to 0:43 to see the first successful attempt)

I used the mouse cursor to activate the bounce to make it more obvious what sequence is causing this problem. Not every attempt was successful, but I decided to upload the entire session to make it easier to deduce what exactly is causing it. From what I can see the easiest way to replicate this is:
-activate any bounce (in my case 1/2)
-activate another bounce (in my case 1/4) and use a jog wheel (in my case - spinback)
-when the jog wheel movement still continues activate another bounce mode (in my case 1/2 again)
-If the timing was right then the bounce will get stuck - it will turn into a loop which you have to turn off manually

EDIT: I’ll also mention that I’ve managed to do this a few times using only 2 bounce button presses instead of 3 but I find it more difficult to replicate

Hi @unumi, thanks for the video and detailed explanation of the issue. This is very helpful! I have forwarded this to the engineering team to see if they can replicate it. I’ll report back when I have news.

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Awesome, im aware that this is a very specific problem and probably not many people will experience this bug but it would be nice to see it fixed, thanks for the reply. ^^

You’re welcome @unumi


I was able to record the “simplified version” I mentioned in the previous edit,
Apologies for my rather odd setup :joy:

Thanks @unumi. I’ll share this with the team.

  1. Just to confirm, the issue is that sometimes to regular Loop remains active after performing a Bounce Loop combined with a jogwheel backspin.
  2. Did you MIDI map that launchpad yourself? Is it possible that there’s something wrong with the MIDI mapping that is also turning on a regular loop?
  3. Do you have the same issue without the launchpad connected?
  1. Yes, This is correct
  2. & 3. For the video I recorded yesterday, I only used the main controller (Numark) and a mouse to trigger the Bounce Loop to make sure my weird setup wasn’t the problem. Numark was the only controller that was connected to my PC :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay. Thanks for confirming. Are you using the built-in default MIDI mapping for the Numark Mixtrack Pro II or a custom edit?

I used my edit during the recording, but Jog’s behavior was not changed in any way.

I just now changed the settings to default/built-in preset to check, and this bug also occurs

Okay, thanks again for confirming. I just want to rule out as many variables as possible for the engineering team. This is the kind of thing that can be difficult to troubleshoot if we cannot replicate it ourselves. I’ll report back here when I have any news from the team. Thanks!

sure thing, if there is anything I can do/check to help figure this out please let me know.

I managed to trigger this bug just now using only the keyboard and mouse.

I spammed the Reverse shortcut on the keyboard when changing between two Bounce Loops with my mouse.

It’s much harder to replicate that way because reverse doesn’t quite work as a quick spinback so it’s pretty random, but the Bounce Loop got stuck as well after a few tries so it makes me believe that it’s not controller related

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Hi @unumi, the engineering team has identified the issue. It will be addressed in one of the upcoming djay updates. Thanks!

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Awesome! Thank you for your hard work. I appreciate it!

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You’re welcome @unumi

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