djay Pro Windows / Gaming Overlay

I loaded djay Pro Windows on my gaming PC and was amused at the stats on the gaming overlay. It runs at 60fps, uses 5x more GPU than CPU (what the !?!? :slight_smile: ), and it’s even using 1.4GB of VRAM. djay Pro barely stresses the CPU/GPU with working temps in the 40s. For reference, idle temps are in the 30s with hardcore gaming temps usually in the high 50s. (PC specs: i3-12100F cpu, RTX 3060 gpu, 12GB vram).

Screenshot 2023-08-16 175557

Windows version is still pretty basic but I found the clean look refreshing! A solid entry and very usable. Plus it still gets my vote as the best looking DJ software on any platform. BIG props to Algoriddim - djay Pro Windows is looking very good!

Friday, Saturday, Windows … What!??

  • But man, Windows is still so weird … I totally face-palmed when I saw Crossfader’s “optimizing Windows” video for DJs, that article/video is a testament to why so many DJs are on Mac.
  • Another face-palm for Windows - had all kind of problems installing the ASIO driver for the Hercules Starlight, what a pain; had to resort to using WASAPI which has noticeable hardware latency. EXACT same hardware is plug-and-play on the Mac.

Cheap Windows Hardware
Though I admit the super budget recommendations at B&H Photo/Video look really nice for DJing, and at those prices, I can easily afford a 2nd as backup - for 1/3rd the price of a single Macbook. (I’m still not switching, just saying).