Djay Pro with Hercules JogVision

Hello community,

I would like to ask if anyone knows how to make a Hercules Jog Vision controller work with DJay pro software on Mac OS.
I have tried configuring it through the settings in the app, it recognizes the device but I can not control anything, even-though when I use Serato, my controller is working.

Thank you in advance!

If it’s not natively supported then you need to map it yourself. This is not just a case of the unit being recognised. It has to be configured.

What did you do?

Hi @Charbel_Sara, please note that this controller is not natively supported by djay so you will need to MIDI map the controls yourself. Please refer to the attached FAQ article for MIDI Mapping on macOS. Thanks!

Here is our list of natively support hardware on macOS for reference: DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim

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