DJay Pro with iPad Pro

Been using DJay Pro 3 nights a week at the club with virtually no issues.

My setup…

iPad Pro 128GB
DJay Pro for iOS
Spotify Premium Subscription
Numark iDJay Pro (I have two of these, one as a backup)
iPad Mini 128GB (as a backup)

Thank you!

128GB built into the iPad with the following:

  1. P.O. Platinum Series disc 1-40…
  2. Now Thats what I call Music! USA disc 1-65…
  3. Some various playlists with random stuff

That should cover everything from 1950-present that I would ever need in an emergency.

I wish that they had a 1TB iPad Pro or DJay supported Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices that support SMB then could bring entire library with me!

Nice. Now a 4 ch controller, and its complete!

You seem to have most of the bases covered, what’s your backup when Spotify or Wifi takes a dump?