DJay Pro with Pioneer SX3

  1. When I Hit cue its starts to play the song but in Serato this just sets the position, is there a way to make it like Serato cue function? I setup up neutral mix with Sampler pads but this not light up like in Serato, is this a bug?

  2. There is problem with crossfader, when switching between auto mix and no automix? The volume fades out, I have to move the crossfader to active the sound again. Is there any upgrade to make like with Firmware for SX3?

  3. Before I start auto mix, when I move a song to either Deck 1 or Deck 2, it removes the song and replaces it when the next song in my playlist, but before I start auto mix, I want the song I cued up to be the one to play next. Is there a solution to this?

  4. How I map the effects like the drum snare, drum kick, drum hat to the SX3 pads? I can’t see that option in the MIDI configuration menu?

Hi @djsarah,

  1. Go to Settings>Advanced and turn OFF the switch shown below.
  2. Can you please clarify this Crossfader issue? This sounds like normal behaviour to me. When using Automix, the position of the onscreen Crossfader will not always match the position on your hardware. djay uses something called soft takeover to prevent sudden changes in Crossfader position when this mismatch occurs. You simply need to move your hardware Crossfader to the same position as what is shown onscreen before the hardware fader can take control. Please refer to the linked video for more information on how soft takeover works.
  3. To avoid this, you can try loading the same song to both Deck 1 and Deck 2 before you start your Automix.
  4. It sounds like you want to map these performance pads to the Sampler not FX. Set the Target to Sampler and the action for each pad to the 8 different samples.

    Then you just need to setup the Sampler UI with the specific samples you want.

Thank you, for question 4, how you navigate to this menu, please provide
all steps.

I want to be able to set-up Neural, FXs and the Samplers on the performance
pads, what is the MIDI mapping?

Thank you,

You’re welcome @djsarah. Here’s the guide for MIDI mapping on macOS:

  1. For Neural Mix controls, you need to set the Target to Deck 1/Deck 2. For the Action you will likely want to use the NEURAL MIX (4 CHANNELS) commands for Solo and Mute.
  2. For FX controls, you need to set the Target to Deck 1/Deck 2. For the Action you will want to use the INSTANT FX PADS commands and set each of the 8 Instant FX to each pad.
  3. For the Sampler controls, refer to point 4 above.

Thank you, you also know if Pioneer 1000SRT will be same instructions bc thinking upgrading? Thanks

You’re welcome @djsarah. Yes, the instructions will be the same for the 1000SRT.

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