Djay Pro wont open

When i click on the icon to open Djay Pro it showes me the black window with the Djay-logo and closes after 0.5 to 1 second. Im not receiving any messages or anything.
I’ve tried to move the install folder and also unninstall and install it again but nothing helps.
Do you know what the problem is?

Have it ever worked?
Is it at trial or the version from MS Store?
What version of Win10 do you have?

Yes it worked just some days ago. Im trying to think if i’ve done anything special (like install or unninstall a certen program), but i cant think of anything.

It’s the full version bought from Microsoft Store.

Windows 10 Pro

Hi there,

we are very sorry to hear that.

Could you contact us via for more details?

Thank you in advance.