It might seem like a silly question but I am really used to DJay Pro.
If I get Djay Pro 2 will it show as a separate software or will I lose DJay Pro as it will be replaced by Djay Pro 2.

Thanks for your help

I tried it, works for me. Not sure what that is.

I have both actually. If you purchased this on the App Store you can download and use both and if uninstalled you can get it from your history. The newest one, DJay Pro 2 is a separate app but won’t upgrade your current app.

I’m not sure. I haven’t gotten that far into yet. I just bought the app yesterday and still testing all the functions. I’m sure by tomorrow a developer may answer. If I find something I’ll let you know. Sorry.

Thank you so much Marc, this really helps. Im getting the new one now. Can’t wait to try it with my new Reloop 4.


on a different subject on Djay Pro 2, i set the time limit to 3 min in automix settings, no effects waits till end of song

Am i doing something wrong?

any help would help, Thanks