Djay Remote Issues

Djay remote on ipad will not connect with Mac. Any ideas?? App has been deleted, re-downloaded and installed back onto ipad, but still nothing??

Even tried setting up local wi-fi network and still it doesn’t work?

Hi Lee,

Sorry for the late reply.

Please try the following:

  • quit the djay Remote app
  • start djay for Mac and make sure it’s in the foreground
  • start djay Remote 

Do you have a lot of wireless networks in your vicinity?

Hi Warren,

Tried this, but nothing.


i got the same problem. trying to reinstall both. On mac i got djay 4.2.2
and the actual version of djay remote. i connect adhoc or by apple airport express access point. everytime i got connection lost after 2-10 seconds due to network reasons. firewall on mac is off.