Djay remote

I downloaded djay remote for my macbook pro OS X, version: 10.5.8 operating djay version 4.0. My macbook will not download djay 4.0.5 and the djay remote cannot find my macbook. HELP!

Hi Greg,

You can download and install the latest djay version here:

Also, please make sure that you have the latest djay Remote version.

Can you try to create a local Wi-Fi network on your Mac through the Airport menu > Create Network…
Then join this network on your iPad/iPhone through Settings > Network.

Also, please make sure that the Firewall is disabled on your Mac and that djay is launched before starting djay Remote.

Note: If you do not want to disable your firewall completely, you can try this:
(1) Open System Preferences, and go to Security & Privacy
(2) Under Firewall, select Advanced
(3) Here you can specifically allow connections for apps. If djay is already listed here, make
sure that “Allow incoming connections” is enabled. Otherwise simply click on the “+” button
and choose djay.