Djay repeatedly freezes on Mac.

Hi there,

Every hour or so and occasion every 15 -20 mins of use, Djay is freezing. I have only had it downloaded a month and it has been happening for the past 2 weeks. The music continues to play but i get no other reaction. Mouse static, turntables static.

I have had my MacBook to the apple store to be checked over and it has the all clear. I am using it with the Pioneer Wego. Any assistance welcome.


Hi Craig,

Thanks for contacting us.

Does this also happen when you are not using a controller?

Please kindly provide more information so we can better assist you.


I am not trying to scare you but at a recent wedding, I had the system completely STOP playing during the brides dance, when using Djay Pro.

They have no clue what is wrong and I sent them pictures and video over 5 months ago.

So, if you think it’s okay to use this software, go ahead but my experiences were VERY bad. When the developers can’t even figure out their own software, there is a HUGE problem.


Hi, firstly thanks for getting in touch.

I have only used it with a controller (Pioneer wego).

i have the same problem it’s annoying.

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wow just started with me also?

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Have you guys upgraded to 1.3.1 DJay? it came out not too long ago. I had some strange issue like this but they went away with the upgrade.

Robert, what OSX version are you on? I am on OS X 10.11.6 (El Capitan) I have not up graded to the new Sierra.

Lukas, have you heard anyone reporting problems against the new OS X Sierra? I was just curious if that is when Robert started seeing issues. MY DJay 1.3.1 is pretty stable with OS X El Capitan.

Did the whole computer lock up or just Djay? I did a wedding a week ago. I usually have another input to my mixer from another source as a kind of backup. But I hear you it would be bad if it crashed at certain times. I will tell you that on gigs that go over 4 hours at a break I will do a full system power off and reboot just for good luck and stability. The idea is that the longer it has been up the more chance for something to go wrong. Not sure if there is a way to run DJay in debug mode. If there was and you could capture the problem it could prove useful in figuring out what went wrong.

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Hi James,

we are sorry to hear that.

Could you tell us which djay version, macOs version and Mac you are using?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Sorry to hear that guys,
can you contact us via for detailed help?

Lukas E.

Hi Daniel Conder,

we tested macOS Sierra and could not find any problem, the os is fully supported.

Lukas E.

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I have also been experiencing the same issue since purchasing a new macbook with El Capitan OS. If the macbook goes to sleep everything locks up and the macbook has to be rebooted. I have been using DJay with an M-audio FastTrack Pro for pre-cuing.

I have the same problem! MacBook Pro with El Capitan and i use focusrite scarlett solo usb. Tonight djay pro crashed!
All these problems occur while I’m using automix

I am having the same problem. Latest versions, MacBook Pro. When I walk away with auto mix and come back, the screen is black (sleeping but tunes still playing) and mouse pointer on the screen. Can’t get back to the program without holding down power to reboot. Major pain - This bug needs to be fixed.

No controller either, just the MacBook.

Has anyone found a solution to the freezing on Mac yet?

Mac: 15-inich Mid 2009 Intel Core 2 Duo
OS X: 10.9.5
Djay Pro: 1.3.1