Djay seems to import wrong song and meta data from Apple Music

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Macbook Pro M1 Pro
Running Sonoma 14.5
djay 5.1.7)

Summary of the issue:
Not sure if anyone else got this but I have an issue when loading a song from the playlist to the deck, it is a different track altogether with wrong metadata as well. The track from Apple Music is on the left while the right is a control track I rip from Youtube.

How to reproduce the issue:

Hi @Sokrith, thanks for the details about your setup and the screenshot. This is very helpful. Can you please upload the track on the right deck to your Google Drive/Dropbox, enable sharing permissions, then share a link to the file(s) here or send it to me in a DM? I’d like to share this with engineering to see if they can replicate this on their system so we can troubleshoot this further. Thanks!

Hi there, the song itself is from Apple Music so i’m not sure how i can share the file but pls find the link to the track itself and see if you can replicate the issue by listening to it on Apple Music and when loading into djay.

You said you ripped it from YouTube…

If the track you wanted was No Limit, what track actually got loaded?

Hi @Sokrith,

I assume you load it from the Apple Music streaming service?

I tried it myself and must say that when I am searching for it in Apple Music I am getting 3 hits that are more or less the same. They are all slightly above 4 minutes, but one is detected as 150 bpm the other are 88 bpm detected.

When I load them they show exactly the same info like in the preview. So no problems here.

Btw it seems that your YouTube rip is also the same song, isn’t?

Hi @Sokrith, thanks for the link, but I meant for you to share the song that you’d ripped from YouTube.

Sorry if I was not clear on the OP…

I meant to say I want to play the song No Limit by G Eazy but when loaded in djay, it’s not the same song. I just had a search, the song loaded from apple music that was meant to be No Limit is called Legend by G-Eazy also.

Yes it is the same song… I rip just to check if the BPM and duration is correct but both are not correct on the track from apple music

The song loaded from Apple Music is actually a song called Legend by G Eazy…

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Ahhh okay… here’s the link to it below

Could be a one-time tagging mistake by Apple maybe?

Hi @Sokrith, has this only happened with this one song or have you observed this behavior with other songs as well?

Hi @Sokrith, I’m following up on my question from a week ago.